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About Sycamore Insurance
Sycamore Insurance Company is a Michigan-based insurance company founded in 1987. The company was created to provide customized insurance products for regional industry groups under served by large national and international insurance companies. Since that time, Sycamore has succeeded in providing tailored insurance products at competitive and stable pricing. Sound underwriting and investment practices have earned Sycamore Insurance Company a B++ [secure with “Good” ability to fulfill all obligations of policyholders] financial rating from insurance ratings agency, AM Best. Sycamore is also supported by reinsurers with “A” or better ratings.

Sycamore was formed to address the problem of instability, limited coverages, and wild price fluctuations that were unrelated to the actual insurance risk in niche insurance segments. Large insurance companies providing coverage to Michigan industry groups were rating the Michigan risks the same as much higher risk groups and locations throughout the country.

Our mission is to exceed our clients’ needs with tailored insurance products delivered with exceptional customer service.

About Sycamore Insurance
This resulted in higher premiums and unwarranted limitations on coverage protections. Sycamore Insurance Company’s concept was to identify these industry groups that were being poorly served, and to develop customized insurance coverages that would provide premium relief, pricing stability and enhanced coverages. In the decades since the company started writing business, it has achieved these initial goals. This is reflected in its much higher than industry average insured retention rate.

Sycamore Insurance Company seeks long-term partnerships with the industry groups and specialty insurance segments it serves. As part of its customer oriented, long-term approach, the company provides unique risk management services and continually reviews business risks to develop new coverages to address those risks. The company’s size and niche focus allows it to respond immediately to the needs of our insureds whether in Michigan or across the country.

The company continually reviews the coverage it provides to ensure it is providing the best possible coverage at the lowest cost for its business partners. Additionally, the insurance marketplace is routinely monitored to identify poorly or underserved industry groups for possible new business partners and insurance products.